Vento Water

VENTO WATER is an extremely sophisticated system and is unbeatable when it comes to flexibility, economy (through heat recovery), and minimal maintenance expense. With VENTO you will no longer think of individual units, but a complete system. Welcome to the future of refrigeration, where shelf modules can be flexibly arranged alongside one another.

Technical Details

Vento Water: a totally new generation of freezers

With the global innovation VENTO WATER, AHT is bringing a breath of fresh air to refrigerated multideck cabinets. The revolutionary plug-in series of refrigerated multideck cabinets for meat and dairy products will win you over with its maximum flexibility, minimal installation expense and sustainability in terms of both operation and investment.

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Climate-friendly, efficient use of waste heat

VENTO WATER offers an environmentally-friendly heat removal solution which uses water alone as a cooling medium in the waste heat cycle. The simple water pipe system ensures extremely rapid installation and very robust, low-maintenance operation throughout the appliance’s lifespan. The optimal technical coordination of all the components leads to an efficient and cost-effective refrigerated cabinet system that is extremely economical to run.

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Plug&Chill and “move it”

The Plug&Chill concept offers intelligent plug-in connectors for all connections and cabinet arrangements, to guarantee rapid use, free from problems. Patented »Plug & Chill« technology reduces
setup and installation times to an absolute minimum!

With “move it” the individual cabinet modules are simple to extend, reduce or move at any time. This is ideal for realignments, redesigns or moving the entire system in the event of a change of location.

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A new approach to operating effectiveness and convenience

The innovative concept behind the fully-integrated refrigeration technology reduces system complexity and the cost of structural measures to a minimum. Multifunctional in use – whether open or fitted with glass doors – VENTO WATER is the refrigerated cabinet solution for today!

Persuasive technological features

The fully hermetic refrigeration system with environmentally-friendly refrigerants and low fill quantities allows the environment to breathe a sigh of relief, and reduces the appliance maintenance requirements to zero. AHT is particularly proud of the fact that loss of refrigerant is completely ruled out, as all the required refrigerant components are fully integrated in the cabinet units. It is also possible to create an integrated network and connect VENTO WATER to supermarket surveillance systems.

Flexible choice of layouts in the supermarket

Complete pipe segments for the waste heat circuit are already preinstalled in the refrigeration units – making seamless extensions very simple. The standard footprint also ensures optimised use of floor space, total freedom in terms of the supermarket layout, as well as simple repositioning and system extension – including existing branches. The minimal maintenance cost completes the attractive overall package of the VENTO WATER.

Technical Details


+5 °C to -1 °C

Dairy products

+7 °C to -1 °C


+7 °C to -1 °C

Fruit and vegetables

+10 °C to -1 °C

Minced meat

+2 °C to -1 °C

Packaged meat and sausage

+4 °C to -1 °C

For further technical details please see the data sheet.

* Country- and operator-specific variations are also possibl


  • Side wall: solid, mirrored inside or panoramic
  • Dividing wall: solid or mirrored inside
  • Separator
  • Shelves
  • Shelf lighting
  • LED shelf lighting
  • Scanner price rails
  • Impact protection bumper
  • Mirrored ceiling
  • Especially tear-resistant energy-saving roller blind
  • Dividers: steel sheet, wire or plastic
  • Product pushers: steel sheet, wire or plastic

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Data sheet

For further technical details, please refer to the data sheet.

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