Vento Hybrid

With VENTO HYBRID, everything runs precisely to plan. Never before has there been such an innovative, sophisticated concept for fully-integrated refrigerated cabinet technology, which minimises the structural measures, and through heat recovery, reduces operating costs to a previously unachievable minimum.

Technical Details

VENTO HYBRID: the best solution in its class

Totally flexible, ready to plug in shelving units that can be installed side by side. Whether as a single appliance, or complete supermarket fitting, the VENTO HYBRID will make considerable energy savings whilst showcasing perfect product presentation. This hybrid edition of the VENTO series operates by means of air or water and achieves the simplest form of heat recovery by automatically switching between operating modes.

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More reliable and longer dwell times

A positive side effect of the two operating modes with different waste heat systems, is that you and your product range have extremely high product security. This is a security factor that should not be undervalued, especially considering that the chilled and frozen foods in a supermarket are often worth a significant amount of money. VENTO also has a positive effect on the customer dwell time, as the pool of cold air that normally forms in front of the cabinets is siphoned away – generating more sales thanks to a higher comfort factor.

Plug&Chill & hermetic refrigeration system

Through the trend-setting AHT Plug&Chill technology, VENTO does not require any structural adaptations and you will be amazed at the extremely low setup and installation times. In addition, no refrigerant is lost in the VENTO integrated network: this is possible because all the refrigeration technology components are completely integrated. Due to the hermetic refrigeration system the leakage rate is 0 – so topping up the refrigerants becomes redundant. The simplified system complexity is also a major benefit.

“Move it” – your supermarket is always on the move

Thanks to “move it”, the individual cabinet modules of your VENTO HYBRID system are easy to move whenever your business success requires it. When you move to a different location, the entire system can be repositioned, redesigned and moved, easily and with the lowest expense.

Practical upgrading of VENTO systems

VENTO refrigerated multideck cabinets are adaptable at any time, due to various compatible features. For example, the rotating glass door – which hugely increases the energy-saving factor. Thanks to the glass panel/hinged door combination, the hinged doors can be moved into neighbouring areas for quick loading – or even moved to beyond the end of the shelf for row configurations. For even greater brilliance of product presentation LED lighting is available. Additional options include an integrated network and connection to supermarket surveillance systems.

Technical Details


+5 °C to -1 °C

Dairy Products

+7 °C to -1 °C


+7 °C to -1 °C

Fruit and Vegetables

+10 °C to -1 °C

Minced Meat

+2 °C to -1 °C

Packaged Meat and Sausage

+4 °C to -1 °C

For further technical details please see the data sheet.

* Country- and operator-specific variations are also possible.


  • Side wall: solid, mirrored inside or panoramic
  • Dividing wall: solid or mirrored inside
  • Separator
  • Shelves
  • Shelf lighting
  • LED shelf lighting
  • Scanner price rails
  • Impact protection bumper
  • Mirrored ceiling
  • Especially tear-resistant energy-saving roller blind
  • Dividers: steel sheet, wire or plastic
  • Product pushers: steel sheet, wire or plastic

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Data sheet

For further technical details, please refer to the data sheet.

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