A timeless, versatile model series for sustainable supermarket solutions. SALZBURG is the cool classic that ensures freshness worldwide, combining elegance with clean lines. A proven and robust all-time champion.

Technical Details

High volume for transparent presentation

A particular strength of the SALZBURG is that it can present your full variety of products, while its high net volume ensures improved shelf life. The SALZBURG’s straightforward, and above all, compact design achieves a substantially optimised profitability per m2, while its combinability with standard dry shelf systems gives you flexibility.

Even greater energy savings

The basic concept of the SALZBURG offers higher energy savings compared to traditional integrated systems, and safeguards your product quality with constant inner temperatures in semi-automatic defrost mode. Furthermore, the use of a new energy-saving ventilator for the next generation of SALZBURG has brought an additional saving of 0.5 kWh per day.

Plug-in is simply more efficient

The plug-in installation without any additional costs makes SALZBURG the first choice when it comes to efficient supermarket refitting or expansion. Should you need to change location, the straightforward nature of the system provides flexibility. The same also applies to new constructions: Plug&Chill rather than “Wait&Burn”!

Sustainably environment- and climate-friendly

It is not only the use of CFC- and PFC-free refrigerants such as propane that equips SALZBURG with its minimal environmental footprint, but also the permanent maintenance-free cooling technology. AHT also strive to achieve resource-saving production.

Technical Details

Chilling (1)

+3 °C to +15 °C

Refrigerating meat and minced meat (2)

0 °C to +2 °C


–18 °C to –23 °C

For further technical details please see the data sheet.

(1) Pre-set to +4 °C – Can be changed by service technician
(2) For product safety reasons semi-automatic defrosting is not possible in meat/minced meat mode


  • Lattice dividers and adjustable racks for sales-boosting product presentation
  • Product and price display signs
  • Trolley guards to protect against mechanical damage through bumps or ramming  
  • Impact protection bumpers in various colours
  • Cover panels for block arrangements

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Data sheet

For further technical details, please refer to the data sheet.

Download Data Sheet