The plug-in freezer/refrigerator that redefines economy and lifts product presentation to an innovative level. PARIS also maximises your sales space by means of shelf inserts, which will further increase your revenues. PARIS – an extremely efficient all-rounder that can lay claim to prestigious excellence.

Technical Details

Attractive chilling and freezing appliance

The panoramic view of the inside, the stylish design and all sorts of feature details make PARIS an elegant freezer/refrigerator which will have a positive impact on your sales figures, and can be grouped in sales-boosting rows, blocks or as freezer aisles with outward-facing appliances on both sides.

A sales-boosting stage for your products

With its visual merchandising concept, PARIS will substantially increase your sales power in the freezer/refrigerator segment – a product area that generally makes up 30 to 40% of a supermarket’s turnover. Opt for AHT’s professional technology and extensive expertise to make maximum use of this cash cow and remain competitive.

Cost reduction through energy efficiency

Traditional integrated systems put a strain on your energy balance – place your trust in plug-in ‘Plug&Chill’ systems from AHT, whose closed and maintenance-free refrigeration circuits not only ensure flexible use but also excellent durability and long usage. The extra bonus: the new electronically Speed-controlled compressor, which offers an additional 25% energy saving.

Semi-automatic defrosting technology

The intelligent defrosting technology contained in AHT freezers and refrigerators guarantees perfect-quality, attractive product presentation, so that the brilliant LED lighting comes into its own and further stimulates customers’ urge to buy. Lighting attachments with various finishes ensure the optimal product staging.

Rapid, simple installation

Plug&Chill – which means plug the appliance in, fill it up and start selling! Installing freezers has never been so convenient. In operation PARIS excels thanks to its range of well-thought-out features, such as the new plastic inner lining, which guarantees even more product hygiene and simple cleaning.

Saving resources for the climate

Like all AHT refrigerators and freezers, PARIS uses 100% CFC- and PFC-free refrigerants. Using the ecologically harmless refrigerant propane (R290) makes climate protection possible and gives those of us in the frozen food industry a clear conscience. This “green conscience” is becoming more and more important for supermarket customers.

Technical Details

Chilling (1)

+3 °C to +15 °C

Refrigerating meat and minced meat (2)

0 °C to +2 °C


–18 °C to –23 °C

For further technical details please see the data sheet.

(1) Pre-set to +4 °C – Can be changed by service technician
(2) For product safety reasons semi-automatic defrosting is not possible in meat/minced meat mode


  • Lattice dividers and adjustable racks for sales-boosting product presentation
  • Product range and pricing labels
  • Bumpers available in different colours
  • Cover panels for block arrangements
  • Water protection strips prevent water and dust from getting under the units
  • Lighting attachment in various finishes
  • Trolley guards to protect against mechanical damage through bumps or ramming  

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Data sheet

For further technical details, please refer to the data sheet.

Download Data Sheet