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AHT Candidate Data Privacy Policy

What happens to my Information?

The personal information (Information) you submit in your application to AHT Cooling Systems (“AHT”) will be hosted and stored on behalf of the company within the European Union.

How is my Information used?

Your Information, such as name, address, work history, etc. collected on this site, may be accessed, processed and used by AHT and with your consent also by any mentioned AHT-Group entities worldwide for positions worldwide, for recruitment purposes and, where applicable, to satisfy legal compliance requirements, as well as by third parties (such as agencies and IT system suppliers) assisting AHT in the recruitment and legal compliance processes. Therefore your Information may be transferred from your home country to other countries around the world, including countries which may not provide an adequate protection of your Information as provided in your country. We will nevertheless seek to ensure that information transferred to AHT Group Companies in such countries is adequately protected.

If your application is successful, your Information may be processed for personnel administration and management purposes.

How long is my Information retained?

In the event that your application is not successful and subject to your consent, the Information you submit in your application, will be retained in the candidate database for a period of 12 months since you last loaded a resume/CV, or longer if you are still being considered for an open position. Recruiters at AHT will be able to access your Information and may contact you should a suitable opening arise. If your resume/CV is being presented to AHT by a recruitment agency and you have consented accordingly, the Information submitted by the agency will be retained for a period of 24 months since submission, or longer if you are being considered for an open position. If you have applied for a position based in the United States, your Information will be retained for a period of 36 months (or longer if required by law) after the recruitment process for that position has been completed – this applies to information submitted by yourself and/or by a recruitment agency on your behalf. At the end of the statutory periods as listed above, AHT deletes data. If there is no legitimate interest of AHT in storing of the Information, you may seek for earlier deletion of the Information.

How do I update, delete or get a copy of your Information?

If you wish to update or, if permitted under applicable law, delete your information, or get a copy of the information we hold about you, if permitted under applicable law, please send an e-mail to Opens window for sending emailrecruiting(at)

Who is responsible for my Information?

If you have questions or concerns about the use of your personal information, please send an e-mail to Opens window for sending emaildataprivacy(at)

Further please consider our general Data Privacy Policy:Opens internal link in current window